A young lady wraps her arms around an elderly lady and gives her a kiss on the cheek

Teach Compassion.

There is a magic that happens when young and old, youth and seniors, kids and elderly get to interact. Hearts open. Minds grow. Empathy and compassion develop.

To create that magic, we believe every school should have a senior care partner and every senior care organization should partner with a local school. We believe these partnerships can build a better world.

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A young man speaks to an elderly man

Intergenerational Activities. We've developed intergenerational activities designed to help you and your students create meaningful connections with senior citizens and senior care facilities in your community.

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K-12 Curriculum. Our curriculum page provides links to actionable lesson plans that engage learners of every level.

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Additional Resources. The Legacy Project is an independent research, learning, and social innovation group that provides intergenerational activities, perspectives and resources for educators.


Please use the resources provided below to explore what educators across the nation are doing to close the generation gap.

Next Generation Nursing Assistant High School CNA Equipment Grant
High schools with approved nursing assistant programs can apply for an equipment grant of up to $5,000. The deadline for applying is December 16, 2022.

HOSA Minnesota: Future Health Professionals. Health Occupations Students of America is a National Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) endorsed by the Department of Education and the Health Occupations Education Division of the Association of Career and Technical Education. Schools that offer HOSA partnership recognize the importance of providing students training far beyond the basic technical skills needed for entry into the healthcare field. 

Voices from the field. Ever consider working with older adults? Learn more about rewarding career paths in aging services: Administration Management, Business Finance and Office Management, Culinary, Environmental Services Maintenance Facilities, Fundraising Development, Marketing Communications, Nursing, Service Coordinator, Staff Educator


Bridging Generations for Lifelong Learning.

The generations have so much to offer each other and the communities in which we all live.

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